Tadalafil OTC: Can You Acquire Tadalafil Over the Counter?

A lot of men have had an interest in over the counter tadalafil products. Due to this interest, the search for a drug that contains tadalafil as the main active ingredient has taken the web by storm. These men are interested in a tadalafil product that does not need to have any prescription for them to use it. Tadalafil, or what most people know as “Cialis” from Eli Lilly is a drug that the majority of men trust to solve their erectile dysfunction problems. This drug is still considered as the best drug for managing impotence in males.

Cialis from Eli Lilly – the Original Tadalafil Containing Drug

Currently, Cialis from Eli Lilly is strictly a prescription-only drug. This means that you cannot purchase the drug through the use of over the counter methods. This makes it hard to access this drug for buyers who don’t have a doctor. The reason behind the majority of people searching for over the counter Tadalafil products is because they hope to at least find generic versions of Tadalafil which they can acquire without the need to have prescriptions from a doctor. The question that has been coming up time and again is whether there is such a thing as over the counter tadalafil products. We will be answering this question in this article.

Cialis Alternative Over the Counter

Generic Tadalafil products are in abundance online. The majority of generic drug suppliers always advertise their products online. These generic tadalafil products can be bought without prescriptions and “over the counter”. A question which will most likely arise from this is, how is that even possible? These drugstores will allow you to purchase their drugs without any prescriptions based on the following facts:

  • These drugstores will assume that you already have a prescription for the drug from an accredited health professional.
  • Some of these stores offer online medical assessments and online consultations for their buyers before dispensing generic tadalafil.
  • Some of the online pharmacies will recommend that you check whether you have any tadalafil allergies before you purchase their product in order to make sure that you won’t have any adverse effects once you get the drug.

For men looking for an alternative to Cialis which must be taken with a doctor’s prescription, it is important to note that generic tadalafil is the best choice that they have. The reason being that generic tadalafil or what some people refer to as “generic Cialis” contains the same active ingredient as Cialis from Eli Lilly. The active ingredient in all of them is Tadalafil. This makes generic Tadalafil safe and at the same time effective just like Cialis from Eli Lilly. Also, it is important to note that generic tadalafil is significantly cheaper. This makes it a great choice for buyers looking to save their money and at the same time solve their erectile dysfunction.

The best places where you can acquire Cialis substitutes is from online drugstores. Nowadays, there are a lot of fraudulent people online who claim that they are legit although they are just scammers hiding behind a mask. This has made it harder for buyers to locate genuine online pharmacies. Fortunately, we do have our list of unswerving online drugstores which we do recommend to buyers. The online pharmacies included in this list are the very best and hence you should acquire you generic Cialis only from them.

20 mg Cialis Best Price

Before November 2017 when Eli Lilly’s Cialis patent ended in the UK, there was no any other drug on the market that contained Tadalafil. This gave Eli Lilly and their group of distributors a huge monopoly over the market for erectile dysfunction drugs. This kept Cialis at an all-time high price.

Generic Cialis – a Great Alternative to Cialis from Eli Lilly

Generic Cialis – a Great Alternative to Cialis from Eli Lilly

Nowadays, companies have the ability to manufacture generic tadalafil. Generic Tadalafil has the same active ingredient as Cialis, the health benefits it offers to its users are similar to what Cialis offers. Since generic tadalafil is cheaper as compared to Cialis, this has presented a huge competition for Eli Lilly. This competition has been a great thing because it has forced tadalafil price to go down to a price that everyone can now afford. The price listed here should be considered as a guide only. The reason is that there are a variety of online pharmacies and all of these pharmacies offer different prices.

Tadacip 20mg – Generic Tadalafil Drug

Tadacip 20mg – Generic Tadalafil Drug

For you to acquire one-month worth of 20mg Cialis from Eli Lilly (32 tablets), you will have to pay about $400.95. If you wanted to buy the same number of tablets but instead of buying Cialis from Eli Lilly you buy generic tadalafil, the amount of money that you would have to part with is $120.27. As you can see, generic Tadalafil is way cheaper than Cialis. To obtain generic Cialis from a trustworthy e-pharmacy, consider consulting our List of Trusted Providers.

Cialis Over the Counter at Walmart

We have already determined in the article that Cialis is no longer the only drug that contains Tadalafil in it. This means that you have more choices regarding where you can purchase tadalafil than just Walmart. Cialis is a prescription-only drug in Walmart. The price of Cialis at Walmart is as follows:

  • $931 for 30 tablets of 20 mg Cialis.
  • $903.08 for 30 tablets 10 mg Cialis.
  • $152.09 for 30 tablets 5 mg Cialis.

Although there is no disputing that tadalafil is available at Walmart, it is also important to note that there are better places where you can buy tadalafil and get it delivered to you immediately.

These places are available on online. But, you should never buy tadalafil from the first online pharmacy that comes up after you perform a simple search on the web because of the following reasons:

  • There are a lot of scams available online. This means that getting scammed online is very easy. It is never easy to identify a genuine drugstore online. That is why you should avoid getting your drugs just from the first store you find online.
  • It is easy to get counterfeit drugs instead of getting what you ordered. Counterfeit drugs can harm your health because in many cases they contain the wrong active ingredient.

In order to keep you safe, we have done our research and we have come up with our list of trusted pharmacies as I had mentioned earlier. The online drugstores contained in this list are the only ones that you should consider ordering from.


Until now Tadalafil products remain as prescription-only products. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to buy tadalafil in its generic status or you buy it as Cialis from Eli Lilly, you should always have a prescription for the drug. The law is usually very clear in the fact that prescription products should only be dispensed when the consumer has a valid prescription from a health professional. You should know that sources which usually claim that they can offer you no-prescription Tadalafil drugs are usually questionable although some of them, like the ones we are recommending to you in our List of Recommended Drugshops, are actually genuine. Some of the negative outcomes of purchasing over the counter “no-prescription” drugs include:

  • You may receive the products only to find out later that you are incompatible with the drug which may cause adverse effects.
  • As stated earlier, you may get ripped off your money by scam stores.

As a result of these reasons, you should be very careful when you are sourcing your products online. Especially when you are buying over the counter drugs. Remember, you are dealing with your body here. And you have got only one body.

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