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As all of us grow older, we tend to lose much of the energy from our younger years to the point that many of us are unable to fully enjoy sexual activities anymore. This is especially true for men and 32 million men the world over are currently suffering from erectile dysfunction, a condition characterized by inability or difficulty in maintaining an erection. As many people know, Viagra has long been the #1 drug for dealing with sexual impotence, but other new drugs, such as Tadalafil, are slowly proving themselves just as effective, and even more affordable, than the leading brand.

Tadaga-20 is a brand of Tadalafil gaining Widespread Popularity

Tadalafil is one of several known PDE5 inhibitor drugs discovered and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Another is Viagra’s generic form, Sildenafil Citrate. These two drugs and a few others combat ED by bringing in more blood throughout the body and improving circulation. Blood flow to the penis is essential for achieving a hard erection for sexual intercourse, so it is in this way that Tadalafil treats ED and makes men’s sex lives much better.

Tadalafil has been gaining many supporters due to its potency and price, as so it can be found in a number of local and online pharmacies throughout the world. Though it is not as widespread in availability as Viagra and Sildenafil are, you can usually find Tadalafil tablets being sold in most online pharmacies. Genuine online drug vendors still require a proper prescription from your doctor, so you will not be able to find any legitimate Tadalafil drugs being sold over the counter. With this in mind, please give your doctor a visit and discuss the possibility of getting a Tadalafil prescription for your condition.

Generic Tadalafil 20mg

Along with several different brands for Tadalafil such as Cialis and Tadaga, Tadalafil can also be found on the market under its generic form. However whether brand name or not, as long as the drug’s main ingredient is Tadalafil, it will present with and cause the safe effects.

Generic Tadalafil works just like its Branded Counterparts

Generic Tadalafil works just like its Branded Counterparts

Here are a few reminders for the appropriate way to take Tadalafil:

  • If you are taking the drug only when you need it, you must take the recommended dose of 20 mg around a half hour before participating in sexual activities. After the effects begin to affect your body, they will continue to remain strong for several hours after ingestion and will begin to wear off after a day before being completely eliminated from the body after 36 hours.
  • If you are taking the drug as a daily enhancement, you should take it every day at around the same time, and the effects will last between doses.
  • Different doses work for different people. Some will require bigger amounts of Tadalafil to get a satisfactory result, while others will observe the effects at 20 mg or less. It is very important to take the recommended dose and check to see if you have any adverse reactions, in which case you would adjust the dosage.

Take note, if you experience severe side effects such as drastic changes in blood pressure, hearing, vision or painful erections, call your doctor and cease taking the drug immediately.

Cialis Tadalafil 20mg Price

Among Tadalafil brands, Cialis is easily the most popular. Cialis was developed and distributed by Elli Lilly and Co., and its company has been attempting to push their drug’s approval to become an over the counter ED pill. Sadly, these plans have not been put into motion yet. In the meantime, Cialis proves to be a very cheap alternative to Viagra.

Cialis- The #1 Trusted Tadalafil Pill

Cialis- The #1 Trusted Tadalafil Pill

According to the latest recent news, Viagra’s prices have risen to astronomical proportions, selling at $24 at the most, even in large pharmacy chains that give several discounts for their products. When buying online, you can find places where pills sell at $8 per unit, but this is still quite a hefty sum. Cialis, on the other hand, sells for a maximum of $3.50 online, and the prices decrease significantly when purchasing the product in greater bulks, as shown below. Generic Tadalafil can also be found at cheaper prices, however, it is more difficult to find plain generic Tadalafil pills that are genuine.

Incredible Prices for a Safe and Effective Drug

Incredible Prices for a Safe and Effective Drug

As mentioned earlier, Tadalafil and its constituents cannot be legally purchased without the valid prescription. If you have one, however, you can purchase this drug even online, where prices drop tremendously. Online pharmacies are also known to hand out savings cards and coupons for different products, and you can even use these discounts in real pharmacies if you wish.

To find great online pharmaceuticals, you can scroll through our recommended list of legitimate vendors. It is unwise to entertain any deals given by sketchy online sites that sell their products over the counter, as these are often scams for counterfeit ED drugs.


Cialis, like Viagra, is an erectile dysfunction drug that helps men stay hard for longer periods of time and gives them a boost in sexual arousal and libido. This is often the best alternative to Viagra and Sildenafil if you find out that you are allergic to these drugs, or if you find that you are not able to tolerate the side effects. It can also help you save a significant amount of money if you are a sexually active individual.

Your doctor is your best friend when it comes to finding the right ED pill to help solve your problem. Don’t hesitate to talk to him about your options and to listen to the fine print, like what side effects you should be expecting or the instructions for the drug’s use. If you aren’t able to find any Cialis or Tadalafil at your local drug store, then consider buying your pills online at a reliable online pharmacy like the ones on our list.

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